It’s lunchtime, it’s lunchtime, no better time of the day!
It’s lunchtime, it’s lunchtime, meet me down at Marguerite’s Cafe!

When the dinnerbell rang at GHS
There’s just one place to go, I’ll give  you just one guess
We ran out of class and headed outside
To a little bitty building not ten foot wide
Down on Main Street by Davis Chevrolet
A little place called Marguerite’s Cafe

Marguerite’s!  Marguerite’s!
Best food I ever eat
Marguerite’s, I said Marguerite’s Cafe

Now Marguerite is cooking in the back
And Jim is ringing up the sales and Virginia had a heart attack
“She’ll be back in on Monday, boys.
I’ll tell her you wish her good.
She don’t take  care of herself the way she should.”

Wednesday was the meat loaf
Thursday was roast beef
Friday was the fried chicken
My God, man, is there no relief?
Monday was the fried cod
Tuesday was chicken-fried steak
And every day you gotta try yourself some of that storebought shortcake

I had a little goat named Julio
He didn’t make it through the winter
That little goat died, I was so sad
I took his tender little body
And I put it in my pickup truck
Drove down to Marguerite’s
She said, “I know just what’ll cheer you up.”

Cabrito!  Cabrito! Best meal I ever had!
Me and Marguerite in the parking lot
We’re serving up Julio piping hot

Mama always told me not to talk to strangers
But strangers were the only ones who’d ever talk to me!

If I could trave back in time to any era or dimension
I would not choose the Enlightenment or some past Columbus Day
I’d set that dial straight back to 1984
And hit the gas for Marguerite’s Cafe