You had  friend of yours tell me that you loved me and I waited up all night in the kitchen for your call
I fell asleep drinking beer and smoking dope and the whole damn house burned down around us all
I’ve been a fool for you
I’ve been a fool for you too long

I saved up my money to buy you a nice pony because I know you like nice ponies or at least you said you did
The pony jumped the fence and ran loose through the neighborhood into someone’s quincieñera and wound up biting some kid
I’ve been a fool . . . .

I was washing dishes in a diner down on Wickersham, $3.35 an hour before they raised minimum wage
You busted in all like Patty Hearst or something, bandana round your face and a sawed-off 16 guage
I’ve been a fool . . . .

You did 20 years to life, time off for good behavior, parole based on lies I told on your behalf
You came walking out that gate with folded laundry and a bus ticket, I said “Baby, here I am!” and you just looked at me and laughed
I’ve been a fool . . . .

You moved to Montevideo, a place I’d never heard of, I had to look it up on Wikipedia
I said you shouldn’t be there, that it really was quite dangerous, you said I can’t believe the left-wing media
I’ve been a fool . . . .

I’m more or less over you, at least I tell myself I am, I only think about you when the sun sets in the west
You’d think I would know better after all these years of suffering and the harsh laws in this state, Mom, governing incest
I’ve been a fool . . . .