Sam crammed her into 4WD, said, “Boys, I’m gonna show you how it’s done.”
He tore through the rocks and up that hill and we all stood below and shot the shit
He climbed out of that pickup and danced around like the king of something
  that never really lacked for not being ruled
Big yellow grasshoppers buzzed out in the weeds
The next day we were all headed back to school . . . .

I had that girlfriend from Houston then, y’all never could remember her name
You only met her just that one time and she never knew what to make of y’all
What with the spittin and the cussin and the empty beer cans rolling out
  every time you opened up a door
She said, “You’re not really like that, are you?
You’re not really like that anymore. . . .”

Go on home
I’ll meet you there
Don’t know when
Don’t know how
Go on home
I’ll write you letters
Go on home
I’ll meet you there

I was on a tour of Texas cities, sounds kind of romantic said that way
Honoring the memory of some future misconception of myself
I showed up at your daddy’s house, your sister let me in
  we drove down to the lake and talked til dawn
She wound up getting married much too young
I promised her I’d never write this song


It was hot down on the Brazos and the turtles were all stacked up on the rocks
You had your old .22, we stood on the bluff taking turns
Things might have turned out different, you can say that about anything
  but things just always turn out like they do
For what it’s worth, right at this moment
Every time I cross a river I think of you


Here’s to the couches that I’ve slept on and to all the folks who’d always take me in
Here’s to the meals your mama made me and the coyotes hanging on a barbed wire fence
Here’s to the man who found the arrowhead in the belly of a yellowcat
  caught on a jugline drifting around Ford Bend
Here’s to the boys of the old Crosstimbers