baby, check the closets check behind the couch, check that box of crap we were gonna throw out, i know i’ve seen it someplace can’t remember when or where must have been the last time your sister was here, moaning and a crying about a life gone wrong ,so we got out the yahtzee and we played til dawn

yahtzee!  such a simple thing
yahtzee!, it’s a milton-bradley game
yahtzee!, baby, let’s throw some bones
yahtzee!, i’ll take it on my ones
take a chance, what a pair, snake eyes, damn straight
chalk it all up to luck, chalk it all up to fate

can’t afford a marriage counselor running low on booze, shaking for the box cars baby needs new shoes, it’s all come down to this big dots a lining up and a great big racket in a plastic rattling cup, found a score-card from a game we played back in 96, ain’t  nothing a little game of yahtzee can’t fix

yahtzee!  such a simple thing
yahtzee!, it’s a milton-bradley game
yahtzee!, there’s lots of stuff more fun
yahtzee!, it’s a holy kind of boredom
it’s just you and me and these five random cubes, laughing off our asses while our lives go down the tubes

you were just nineteen i’d just turned 22 when i saw you in the komodo dragon exhibit at the zoo, you and your friends on my ass, callin’ security on me, for feeding that dragon cheetos and baloney, how can anybody  with two good eyes not see, we were made for each other, so let’s play some yahtzee

yahtzee!, what a huge ripoff
yahtzee!, it’s just five dice in a box
yahtzee!, our lives are at stake
yahtzee!, roll to an inside straight
come on little darlin’ won’t you give me a kiss, things are bound to get better
can’t get no worse than this