I see a road stretched out on a darkening plain
Nothing ahead and nothing behind
Clouds racing over like they’re running from something
Me, I’m just getting smaller here in my own mind

My babies are sleeping in the back seat
All piled on each other like a litter of pups
I oughta have them strapped in, I ought to do a lot of things
You’d think good intentions would sometimes be enough

Just now and then, get a little credit
Just now and then, catch a lucky break
Just now and then, blind hogs and acorns
I’m looking for a place called Quintana Lake

That oldest one’s daddy’s the one I should have held onto
I’ve said it so often I’m starting to believe that it’s true
Fifteen years old in a town we both hated
If you give me your soul, I’ll give mine to you

Half gallon of Seagram’s rolling around on the floorboard
But I ain’t touched a drop since I been behind the wheel
I know right from wrong, you can tell them I said so
Tell them what I said but don’t tell them what I feel

Just now and then . . . .

Traveling back in my mind, wondering who’ll notice
Another motel landlord come to see what I took
That guy in the phone booth, I do believe he lives there
There’s people like us everywhere you don’t look