Hey, baby, it’s good to hear your voice again
Hey, baby, hope it’s not too late
Hey, baby, this is your old boyfriend
What’s it like living in another state?

How long’s it been?
I guess it’s nearly twenty years.
Time sure flies when you’re staring at the wall
I’ve been thinking about you I guess nearly twenty years
Wondering if maybe I’d give you a call

And ask you what went wrong, what happened to us
Those two young kids, how’d it come to this?
Why does what mattered then not matter anymore?
I guess what I’m looking for is just one more kiss . . .
Like that last one . . . .
But there’s no more kisses like that

Didn’t know your last name since you got married
Thought I was gonna have to hire MacGuyver
But online I found your mom’s obituary
And she listed you as one of her survivors

As for me I guess everything is all cool
Though sometimes I find that living is a chore
I finally gave up and just went to law school
I don’t write them pretty poems anymore


Sometimes I lie awake and I wonder
What might have been, what should have been, what’s not . . . .

I can tell that you’re a little bit unnerved
Guess that’s what happens when somebody tracks you down
And I know I should have left you undisturbed
But I’ve been drinking whiskey and listening to Jackson Browne