Baby, this house is filthy and the kids have gone feral
And I read in the paper somewhere that drinking this tap water might make me sterile
This whole damn world is falling apart
But I know a place to make a brand new start

Out in Lego Town
When this old world is gettin’ me down I go to Lego Town

In Lego Town, nothing is scary
All the people are friendly and the colors are primary
Nothing every breaks and even if it does
You can always fix it back just the way that it was

Out in Lego Town . . .

In Lego Town everybody has a job
Nobody sells Amway, nobody gets robbed

It’s perfect . . .
It’s just so nice
It’s a multicultural paradise

Out in Lego Town . . .

I’m like you, I used to get off on the grumble and the grit
Fighting it out in the trenches, and all that bit
But now that passion is gone like my 401K
Call Bob the Builder, tell him we’ll be there today

We’re moving to Lego Town!

In Lego Town one size fits all
You can be the token female in your pretty overalls
You can drive the forklift
I’ll run the crane
In Lego Town we can break it all down and start all over again

Out in Lego Town . . . .