Well, we’re heading into town and we’re going on the big highway
Granny she’s scared but Grandpa says that it’ll be okay
We put some air in the spare and you oughta hear that radio play
Hey, everybody, I’m a ridin’ on the big highway

Hey, everybody, look at me out on the big highway
We’re going to the grocery and if I’m quiet to the YMCA
But something like this don’t come around just nearly every day
I’ll probably make a bunch of noise when I’m riding on the big highway

Well the dirt road is fine for all of you dirt road folks
But Grandpa bought an automobile (secondhand Chrysler)
                and he sure knows a whole lot of real good jokes
Like the one about the preacher who could never did remember to pray
Gonna have a lot of fun when we’re riding on the big highway

It’s a better way to travel than bumping over gravel and clay
Grandpa says everybody oughta drive the big highway

It’s fourteen miles into town on the big highway
And it’s two lanes a-going and one a-coming back this way
Guess a lot a people reckon they’ll just figure on deciding to stay
But there ain’t no two ways about it when you’re riding on the big highway

Everybody thinks they’re gonna go to heaven when they die
Nobody thinks they’re gonna go to hell and neither do I
But I don’t know nothing except what I’ve heard people say
And everybody says there ain’t nothing like that big highway