At the dump I found some real good boards
Some two by sixes, some two by fours
And some rusty nails in an old tin can
Gonna build a house with my own two hands

At the dump somebody threw away
An old radio, I think it still plays
And a calculator I think I can fix
That’s missing a six

And all these things I’ll treasure, my dear
At least as long as I am here
But someday I’ll move on and leave them behind
For somebody else to find

He wrote you a letter when you were fifteen
It’s in the bottom of a drawer beneath some old magazines
And now no matter where you go or who you might turn into
Someone was thinking of you


It’s not much to look at, this house that I built
The roof kind of sags, the floor’s on a tilt
But I’m counting my blessings on this adding machine
If they add up to six, I’ll start over again

At the dump I found a half bottle of wine
Gonna drink it down by the old salt mines
With a friend I had when I was ten
If I ever see him again