And lo, a vision did appear unto me, and it was a nutcracker doll, and he did spake thusly.  “Ye shall write a song every day for one year, and I shall sing the song, and ye shall record me singing the song, and ye shall distribute it upon the internet as sowing seeds upon the earth, and thus shall ye redeem thyself and in offering words of explanation and contrition.  And though the heathen may rage, ye shall not rage.  And though the mockers may mock, ye shall take no offense.  And though the haters may hate, ye shall love.  Thus speaketh the nutcracker.”

Every day?”

“Thus spaketh the nutcracker.”

“Every day.”

“Too much?”

“A song a day?  Yea verily, Nutcracker.”

“Once a week then.”

“Once a week.”

“They don’t have to be good songs.”

“Once a week I can probably handle.” 

“You can throw up a Merle Haggard video or something now and then.”


“Thus speaketh the nutcracker.  Oh, and you can call me Buck.”