This was one of the late leftovers from the nutcracker project, updated a bit for the irresistible jogging coyote story.  I don’t remember why I didn’t use it originally.  Probably because it’s an awful song.  Also, I seem to recall making some efforts toward recording it and having more trouble than usual.  For one thing, the tempo is insanely fast, and if you’re going to use a click track, as I figured I needed to do on this one or otherwise it would be impossible to overdub anything, you need to figure out what the tempo is.  I don’t have much of a knack for that.  This was recorded at 234 BPM (beats per minute).   I don’t know whether I did it right.  My metronome goes only to 240.

I decided to give the song another shot when Perry started getting all this presidential attention; I figured the song would be obsolete pretty soon, so better to pay tribute to his gubernatorial career now.  Also, I’ve been slow at work.  I’ll probably get slower after this.